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What people say about Fusion Energy Insights Membership

Fred Beranek,



"I first heard of Fusion Energy Insights through information provided by the Fusion Industry Association. Fluor joined the FIA in order to see how we could best support this rapidly maturing industry with support in solving unique technical challenges in constructability, manufacturability and fusion support, secondary and balance-of-plant design, and engineering.

"We then subscribed to Fusion Energy Insights so we would be the recipient of continuous news and highlights from the fusion industry and participate in webinars that FEI conducts.

"FEI provides a wide variety of fusion topics and avenues for interaction that would be difficult to identify or arrange on our own. The information from FEI is transmitted directly to a specified number of users, so transfer of information is not potentially delayed if the information is sent to only one subscriber and then subsequently sent to other members of your team. As each member receives the latest FEI transmittal, they often want to know more about a certain topic and they follow up on additional links or key words in the FEI letter.

"Melanie has an extensive network within the fusion community and we rely on her information to identify upcoming conferences/meetings/webinars for which our company would find value to attend. Through these venues, we have interfaced with many fusion entities who find our services useful to advance their concepts.

"It is the only central source of fusion industry information of which I am aware."

Stefan Urbat,

Scientists for Future,


"I am searching for fusion information all the time 😀. I signed up for Fusion Energy Insights because I wanted a more “inside” view, knowing that Melanie is a PhD plasma physicist well connected to the fusion community.

"Before I joined FEI I was strongly interested in what is going on in fusion, because I recognised that commercially-relevant progress was already near. Because I am no insider, I collected (and still collect) informations from several sources, for example social media like X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn.

"Now, since joining FEI, I am better connected and informed by inside guests and other members. I learned, for example, about nuclear aspects, lithium cycles and many more things.

"Being better informed is useful for me when talking to less informed scientists, for example. Melanie is a very helpful person bringing the experts and highly interested people together."

Chris Ajemian,

Ajemian Consulting


"Many professionals who have been eagerly anticipating the raising of the curtain of commercial fusion energy are working together to hasten that day. As they come together and connect the dots they need to be informed as to who their partners are in business, government and the environmental community. Melanie Windridge's Fusion Energy Insights helps them do that by providing in-depth, substantive and timely speakers and topics for discussion and resolution."

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