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Curated insights into the growing fusion industry for busy professionals

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Fusion is coming, and when it does it

will transform the energy landscape

WHAT is Fusion Energy Insights?

A membership to help you keep up to date with developments and commercialisation considerations in the growing fusion industry

FEI gives you the possibility to see where you or your business fits into the next great energy revolution

It helps you see the pathway to fusion commercialisation and opportunities emerging

It helps you make connections with others in the industry to maximise your opportunities and drive the industry forward

HOW do we serve you?

Through live, expert-led online events open to interaction

Through industry updates and commentary on LinkedIn and email

Through member connections and networking

WHY do we do it?

We believe fusion energy will be transformational for our world, providing abundant clean energy globally—the 

world needs fusion. 

Together we can profit from the creation of a new and brighter future for everyone

FEI is a perfect fit for you if: 

You are the kind of person who’s always ahead of the curve

You are an energy professional, or an investor, or in a field where you just know that fusion will change your business

You want to do more to drive the energy transition

You realise that big changes are afoot in the energy market

You see that fusion is coming and that you need to be ready

You believe in sustainability, not scarcity

What kind of world do you want?

Hello, I'm Melanie, Founder of Fusion Energy Insights.

I have a vision of the world with abundant clean energy. For everyone.

A decarbonised energy system - a mix of renewables, firm fusion and clean fuels.

I want to see fusion energy on the grid, or generating hydrogen, or powering industry within 20 years, preferably sooner.

I can help take people from clueless about fusion to understanding the impact it could have on their lives and business.

That’s why I created a space where professionals who recognise the huge transformative potential of fusion can find out about fusion and commercialisation, stay informed and up-to-date, and meet others in the community who can help them achieve their goals.

We will be a community driving towards, and profiting from, fusion energy. And I want to extend this invitation to you.

I want you to be part of this.

Together we can build a new world.

Helping ahead-of-the-curve professionals keep up to date with progress in the growing fusion industry so that they can see tomorrow's opportunities emerging for their business today.

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