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The Fusion Frontier:
Investing in Tomorrow's Energy

A free podcast/video* series dedicated to unpacking the potential of fusion technology from an investment perspective. 

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podcaster microphone

A free podcast/video* series dedicated to unpacking the potential of fusion technology from an investment perspective. 

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Aimed at clean energy and climate-tech investors, this series will provide insights into the fusion industry's market trends, strategic partnerships, risks and opportunities.

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*Videos of the conversations are available to Fusion Energy Insights members in the Members Area.

This series is hosted by Amolika Bansal from the University of Southampton, UK.

Energy is at the center of all economic activity. The efficiency afforded by fusion — low input cost and the promise of endless energy produced — suggests that viable commercial nuclear fusion is a development off the Richter scale of modern advancements.

- Bloomberg Intelligence, December 2021

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Episode 1: Welcome to the Fusion Frontier: A New Energy Revolution

Guest: Phil Larochelle, Breakthrough Energy Ventures


In this introductory episode, we embark on a journey into the world of fusion technology, exploring its potential to revolutionise the energy sector. Phil Larochelle helps us understand why fusion is such an exciting proposition, and provides insights into the investment landscape surrounding fusion technology. Discover why fusion is trending and the unique opportunities it presents for investors. Get ready to dive into the future of energy!

Episode 2: Demystifying Fusion Technology: From Science to Business

Guest: Sir Ian Chapman, UK Atomic Energy Authority

In Episode 2, we demystify fusion technology and bridge the gap between science and business. Ian Chapman simplifies the complexities of fusion science, making it accessible to all. Join us as we explore the challenges that arise as we move from the lab to commercial fusion, address common safety concerns and discover the potential business opportunities of fusion.

Episode 3: Taking the Leap: Why Companies Are Investing in Fusion?

Guest: Tina Tosukhowong, TDK Ventures


Are you ready to seize the opportunities presented by fusion technology? In Episode 3, we explore why investors should consider investing in fusion. Tina Tosukhowong shares valuable insights into the potential returns, market growth projections and the long-term sustainability of fusion energy. Discover why fusion is an attractive investment option for forward-thinking investors.

Episode 4: Fusion Funding: Venture Capital and Beyond

Guest: Tyler Ellis, Commonwealth Fusion Systems


When it comes to funding fusion technology, there are various avenues to explore. Episode 4 explores the world of fusion funding, from venture capital to government grants and public-private partnerships. Tyler Ellis shares some of the challenges faced by fusion companies in raising capital. Join us as we uncover the different funding options available and gain a deeper understanding of the risks.

Episode 5: Navigating Risks in Fusion Investments

Guest: Zachary Halem, Lazard


Embark on a deep dive into the risks and challenges associated with investing in fusion technology with our guest, Zachary Halem. In Episode 5, we navigate the intricate landscape of fusion investments, exploring technological hurdles, policy constraints and market uncertainties that investors may encounter.

Episode 6: Industry Partnerships: Collaborating for Fusion Success

Guests: Andrew Holland and Nick Walkden, Fusion Industry Association


Discover the power of strategic partnerships within the fusion industry with insights from the Fusion Industry Association. In Episode 6, Andrew Holland and Nick Walkden shed light on how collaboration can accelerate development, mitigate risks and create exceptional investment opportunities. Uncover the potential for synergy and explore the benefits of strategic alliances.

Episode 7: Fusion Regulation: What Investors Need to Know

Guest: Sachin Desai, Helion Energy


Understanding the regulatory framework is crucial for investors in fusion technology. In Episode 7 we discuss the regulatory landscape of fusion and its possible impact on investment decisions. Sachin Desai shares thoughts on the current regulatory framework, potential future policy shifts and their implications. Join us as we navigate the complex regulatory environment and gain a deeper understanding of its significance for fusion investments.

This work was supported by the Fusion Industry Programme via the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

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"Why is it a private podcast?" you might be wondering. Because it's a one-off series rather than a long-term regular podcast, so we wanted to keep it separate and hidden.