What’s in store at next month’s FusionXInvest at MIT?

What’s in store at next month’s FusionXInvest at MIT?

Jan 12, 2024

By Matthew Perks

Six weeks from now the global investment community will connect with the global fusion industry at the 2nd FusionXInvest at MIT in Boston.

We’ve seen a significant uptick in interest for the event this year, particularly from investors, one which matches the continued optimism for a credible timeline to commercialisation, and one which increasingly recognises the opportunities to invest in the fusion supply chain - as well as technological spin offs deriving from the bid for fusion power on the grid. This is happening. Now.

So what, aside from an extraordinary opportunity to network with the market, do we have in store?

First, we have a stellar agenda. And by stellar, we mean a truly A-List cast of speakers. Case in point: The opening session at this year’s event where Dr. Melanie Windridge will interview:

Dr. Phil Larochelle, Partner at Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Dr. Clea Kolster, Partner & Head of Science at Lowercarbon Capital

Together, they’ll lay the ground for discussions at FusionXInvest on commercialisation, timelines, and the case for investment in fusion.

Check out the full agenda and the complete roster of speakers here.

We follow that with a second day of networking including visits to the Plasma Science & Fusion Center at MIT and to Commonwealth Fusion Systems, to see first-hand the progress towards the world’s first commercially-relevant net energy fusion machine, SPARC, and to engage with some of the key people driving that effort.

Please register now if you would like to join us at FusionXInvest. Spaces are limited and shifting quickly!

Interested in sponsoring? We’d love to have that discussion. Drop a line to me here.

We hope to see you in Boston in February!

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