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Fusion News: UKAEA and Tokamak collaboration, how fusion will help decarbonise the power system and groundbreaking experiments at JET

Oct 24, 2022

Dr. Leigh Ann Kesler, a consultant specialising in science communication, gives updates on the latest in fusion for this week’s episode.

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1. World Nuclear News - UKAEA and Tokamak Energy to collaborate on commercial fusion

2. McKinsey & Company - Will fusion energy help decarbonize the power system?

3. Newsweek - Wave of Fusion Experiments Begin at Groundbreaking JET

4.PhysOrg - A new solution to one of the major problems of fusion research

5. Gov.UK - Upgraded Materials Research Facility empowers fusion research

6. Climate Change News - Nuclear fusion: Why Silicon Valley is betting on man-made star power

7. Tech Crunch - The biological theory that explains why investors are bullish on fusion


Cleo Abram (YouTube) - We tried to build a nuclear fusion reactor

Oxford Martin School (YouTube) - The pathway to delivering fusion power with Prof. Ian Chapman

Atlantic Council - What to know about fusion

SPARCPublic - https://github.com/cfs-energy/SPARCPu...

Startup Pirate - The Holy Grail of Energy Generation


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