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UK set to be first country to legislate for safe and efficient rollout of fusion energy

Oct 04, 2021

The UK government has released a fusion strategy document and declared that the UK will become the first country in the world to legislate the safe and effective rollout of fusion energy.


Here are some key points for you from the report.

International and commercial leadership

"If it can be successfully demonstrated and commercialised, fusion technology could provide sustainable, low-carbon, baseload power for a future global energy market." 

"Through international leadership the UK will:

- Use international collaborations to accelerate the commercialisation of fusion energy

- Reduce the cost and risk of UK fusion programmes through collaboration, while protecting UK intellectual property and competitive advantage

- Lead the development of international fusion standards and regulation, to ensure safety and maximise the global potential of fusion whilst creating important market opportunities for the UK."

"Through commercial leadership the UK will:

- Create a vibrant fusion technology cluster or clusters in the UK

- Attract inward investment into fusion and related technologies

- Develop the supply chain and skills base to support fusion delivery and equip UK firms to compete successfully in a future global fusion market."

A global hub for fusion innovation

They will also be transforming UKAEA’s Culham fusion campus into a global hub for fusion innovation. Canadian fusion company General Fusion has already announced that it will build its own Fusion Demonstration Plant at Culham. There are also new or planned facilities there to address the remaining technical challenges of fusion development, such as materials science, robotics and tritium handling, as well as an Advanced Skills Centre to train technical apprentices.

"Notwithstanding the remaining technical challenges to achieving fusion energy, the Government recognises the need to move quickly if the UK is to commercialise fusion energy at the pace required to help decarbonise global energy generation in the face of rising energy demand."   

Collaboration will be essential

"The realisation of fusion energy will require continued collaboration: with other nations and international organisations; with academia and technical experts; and with businesses and industry groups all around the world. So, while this paper sets out the UK’s national strategy on fusion, the UK is ready to engage with potential collaborators, from national governments to individual experts in fusion technology, to help deliver a technology that could change the face of global energy production and provide a genuinely long term solution to climate change."

It's great to see a government commitment to delivering fusion energy with an urgency to match the need.

Read the full fusion strategy report from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) or see the original LinkedIn post that features a video of Dr Greg Brittles from Tokamak Energy explaining the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

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