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Join us at Fusion Energy Insights as an intern this summer

Mar 14, 2023

After the successful placement of two students last year, we’re offering three intern placements for undergraduate via the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) Fusion Industry Programme (FIP).

This is a great opportunity for the right candidate to:

• Develop an understanding of what people interested in getting involved in fusion business need to know.

• Learn about and communicate the basics of fusion energy and the industry.


Suitable for:

• Someone interested in both the fusion science and wider fusion industry, and the pathway to commercialisation.

• Someone with good communication skills that they wish to develop further.

The Roles

 Fusion Outreach for Business (2 students)

·       Project description – To work on fusion outreach materials, such as videos and blogs, targeted at business people and investors.   

·       Fusion relevance – The aim is to grow the fusion ecosystem. The content created will be used to introduce people to fusion or to answer key questions that business people or investors have, such as what is the safety profile of fusion, what are the fuels, or how are the supply chains developing.

·       Student responsibilities – End-to-end content creation. They will be determining the key topics or questions to focus on, researching the content and creating the materials, with support from other team members.

·       Student work environment – Based at Harwell with Woodruff Scientific and Oxford Sigma students. Will be required to have regular zoom calls with remote supervisor. 

Fusion Projects Update for Investors (1 student)

·       Project description – Research and develop a regular report/publication to update investors on the progress of various private fusion company projects. 

·       Fusion relevance – Fusion needs investment. There are now numerous private companies working on fusion and a lot of interest from investors. This publication will help inform investors and stimulate investment. 

·       Student responsibilities – Research the needs of the investors and the needs of the companies. Consider the best way of balancing what the investors want to know with what the companies want to disclose. Write a survey or other means of gaining the required information. Consider whether there is any publicly available data that would add value to the report. Write the report. Set up a system for replicating the report at regular intervals.  

·       Student work environment – Based at Harwell with Woodruff Scientific and Oxford Sigma students. Will be required to have regular zoom calls with remote supervisor.  

You can read more about who we are, what we're offering, and a link to apply here.

Download the UKAEA information sheet for students here

The closing date for applications is 31st March 2023. We look forward to hearing from you!


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