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Fusion News: Thailand joins China on project, researchers ready to leverage the power of exascale and Scientists apply boron to tungsten components in fusion facilities

Sep 11, 2022

Dr. Hazel Lowe, Head of Laser Diagnostics at Tokamak Energy, gives updates on the latest in fusion news from around the world for the Fusion Industry Association.

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Here are all the stories for you to check out:

1. SpringNews - Thailand joins hands with China to develop ASEAN’s first “artificial sun”


2. HPC Wire - Using Exascale Supercomputers to Make Clean Fusion Energy Possible

3. Phys Org - Elemental research: Scientists apply boron to tungsten components in fusion facilities

4. New Civil Engineer – Contractors alerted to £20bn fusion energy job


Science Focus - Inside the UK’s Silicon Valley for nuclear fusion, where unlimited energy is becoming a reality

The Washington Post - Nuclear fusion power inches closer to reality

FDI Intelligence - How cracking fusion could transform the global energy system

NewsWeek - Nuclear Fusion is Doing the Impossible – Uniting Politicians


OilPrice.com - Nuclear Fusion’s Inclusion in the Inflation Act is a Huge Win For Emerging Tech

India Times - Explained: What Is Nuclear Fusion Energy and India’s Role In Its Development


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