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Fusion News: South Korea’s tokamak milestone, General Fusion compression progress and JET’s 100,000th pulse

Jan 30, 2022

A summary of the latest fusion news from the Fusion Industry Association. This episode is presented by Dr Hazel Lowe, Plasma Diagnostician at Tokamak Energy, UK.

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Here are all the stories for you to check out:


1. Asia Times - South Korea ignites a spark of nuclear fusion hope

2. World Nuclear News - Prototype machine demonstrates plasma compression

3. California News Times - Nuclear fusion energy device at General Atomics coming back online

4. The Register - Joint European Torus celebrates 100,000 pulses

YouTube - UKAEA video of 100,000th plasma



The Independent - Scottish site in the running to become pioneering nuclear fusion station

The Independent - Is a $22bn giant magnet the ‘holy grail’ of clean energy?

Marketplace - Could nuclear fusion solve the climate crisis?

Space.com - How hot is the sun?

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Fusion News videos and podcasts are provided fortnightly by the Fusion Industry Association to give people a quick way to get all the important recent news stories. They are all compiled and presented by young fusion researchers, aided by Melanie, founder of Fusion Energy Insights, so we are helping to develop their skills too. We hope you like them. 

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