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Fusion News: Japan experiments with alternate fuel, foresight study on  developments in advancing fusion and companies aim to trigger rapid-fire fusion blasts

Mar 12, 2023

Dr. Leigh Ann Kesler, a consultant specialising in science communication, gives updates on the latest in fusion for the latest episode of Fusion News on behalf of The Fusion Industry Association.

Links to the articles mentioned are included below.

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1. Science.org - Reactor experiment demonstrates alternative fusion scheme

2. Publications Office of the European Union - Foresight study on the worldwide developments in advancing fusion energy, including the small scale private initiatives

3. Science.org - Startups try to turn laser fusion success into clean power plants

4. Japan Times - Amid renewed interest in nuclear fusion, Japan’s research reaches critical stage

5. Phys Org - Power plasma with gigajoule energy turnover generated for eight minutes


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