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Fusion News: Regulating fusion, Manchin hearing on commercialisation and Japan to draft fusion strategy

Sep 25, 2022

Dr. Leigh Ann Kesler, a consultant specialising in science communication, gives updates on the latest in fusion for this week’s episode of Fusion News for the Fusion Industry Association.

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Here are all the stories for you to check out:

1. Forbes- New NRC Report Outlines Options For Regulating Nuclear Fusion

White Paper

2. Energy.Senate.gov - Manchin Holds Hearing On Commercialization of Fusion Energy

Fusion Industry Association - Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Holds Hearing on Fusion Energy

3. Nature - World’s largest fusion experiment ITER appoints new chief

ITER Newsline

4. NHK - Japan to draft nuclear fusion strategy amid fierce global race

Asahi- Japan to draft nuclear fusion strategy amid fierce global race

5. Science.org - Twisty device explores alternative path to fusion

6. MIT - NSE’s Zach Hartwig wins 2022 FPA Excellence in Fusion Engineering Award


Fusion updates:

Space.com - What is nuclear fusion?

Popular Mechanics - Korea’s Fusion Reactor Sustained Temperatures 7 Times Hotter Than the Sun for 30 Seconds

Podcasts featuring FIA members Commonwealth Fusion Systems and Helion:

BBC - Will nuclear fusion solve our energy problems forever?

YouTube - Fusion Energy Prospects: Virtual Panel Discussion - IEEE Madison

Columbia - Nuclear Fusion: Still Decades Away?

YouTube - How This Fusion Reactor Will Make Electricity by 2024

Commonwealth Fusion Systems construction progress:



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