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Fusion News: Prototype fusion reactor revealed, 70 foot fusion gun and new fusion pilot plant in the US announced

Nov 04, 2022

Dr. Hazel Lowe, Head of Laser Diagnostics at Tokamak Energy, gives updates on the latest in fusion news from around the world on behalf of The Fusion Industry Association.

Links to the articles mentioned are included below.

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Here are all the stories for you to check out:

1. The Engineer - Tokamak Energy ST80-HTS hailed as next step to grid fusion

2. Phys.Org - How do neutrons interact with reactor materials?

3. Newsweek - Gigantic, 70-Foot Nuclear Fusion Gun Could Change the World

4. World Nuclear News - General Atomics announces concept for Fusion Pilot Plant


The Sun - Chinese researchers say they have made a huge breakthrough in their extraordinary pursuit of creating an artificial sun

CGTN News - China's new-generation 'artificial sun' makes a breakthrough

Newsweek - World’s First Nuclear Fusion Power Plant Wants to Equal Fossil Fuel Output

CBS News - What is nuclear fusion? Harnessing the power of the sun in the quest for clean energy


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