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Fusion News: Australian fusion $, White House support and MIT machine learning

May 08, 2022

Emre Yildirim, PhD Student at the University of Manchester, gives updates on the latest in fusion for this week’s episode of Fusion News. Links to the articles mentioned are included below. 

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1. Business News Australia - HB11 Energy awarded $22 million project to develop Australian nuclear fusion industry

2. American Institute of Physics - White House Sets Sights on Commercial Fusion Energy

3. MIT News - Machine learning, harnessed to extreme computing aids fusion energy development

4. SciTech Daily - Princeton Physicists Unravel a Puzzle to Speed Fusion Energy Development


The FT - Making the heart of a star power the world

NBC News (YouTube) - The Hardest Problem: Climate Solutions | Meet The Press Reports

Science Daily - Sapphire fiber could enable cleaner energy and air-travel


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