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Fusion News: Bottling the sun, fusion reactor capacity, fusion funding increases and robotic snakes.

Jun 05, 2022

Cyd Cowley, PhD Student at the University of York and working at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, gives updates on the latest in fusion for this week’s episode of Fusion News from The Fusion Industry Association.

Links to the articles mentioned are included below.

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Here are all the stories for you to check out:

1. CNN - Bottling the sun: The world has been trying to master this limitless clean energy source since the 1930s. We’re now closer than ever.

2. Independent - Fusion reactors could provide much more power than previously thought, study suggests

3. CNBC - This government lab in Idaho is researching fusion, the ‘holy grail’ of clean energy, as billions pour into the space

4. Telegraph - Robotic snakes could keep Britain’s nuclear fusion hopes alive


Parliament TV - Science and Technology Committee May 25, 2022 Meeting on Fusion, UK Parliament

Canary Media - This tiny fusion reactor is made out of commercially available parts


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