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Fusion News: Feds commit $50M for fusion; UK fusion plant for West Burton, and Z-pinch fusion

Oct 09, 2022

Emre Yildirim, PhD student at the University of Manchester studying materials of fusion energy, gives updates on the latest in fusion from The Fusion Industry Association.

Links to the articles mentioned are included below.

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Here are all the stories for you to check out:

1. CNBC - Feds Commit $50 Million to For-Profit Nuclear Fusion Companies, Chasing the ‘Holy Grail’ of Clean Energy

2. BBC - Nuclear fusion plant to be built at West Burton A power station

3. Power Engineering International - Z-pinch fusion moves closer to breakeven

4. University of Birmingham - High-flux neutron facility launched at the University of Birmingham

5. Interesting Engineering - Princeton scientist overcome key setback in achieving nuclear fusion



Forbes - The Chloe SS23 Collection Focuses on Fusion Energy


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