Fusion News: A look back over the top fusion energy news from the last 12 months

Fusion News: A look back over the top fusion energy news from the last 12 months

Aug 14, 2022

The past year was huge for fusion breakthroughs on all levels. Science, industry, and partnerships all saw immense growth and developments. Cyd Cowley, PhD student at the University of York, introduces our summer special episode, in which the Fusion News Team selected their favorite news stories from the past year to highlight.

Links to the articles mentioned are included below.

1. BBC News - US lab stands on threshold of key nuclear fusion goal

2. Asia Times - South Korea ignites a spark of nuclear fusion hope

3. The Wall Street Journal - Nuclear-Fusion Startup Lands $1.8 Billion as Investors Chase Star Power

4. Reuters - Eni ready to spend more on nuclear fusion in green drive

5. MIT News – MIT designed project achieves major advance toward fusion energy

6. BBC News - Major breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy



Science Focus - Inside the UK’s Silicon Valley for nuclear fusion, where unlimited energy is becoming a reality

National Geographic - Nuclear fusion powers stars. Could it one day electrify Earth?

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