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Fusion News: Almost $2bn in new fusion investment, edge shaping improves performance and more...

Dec 10, 2021

A summary of the latest fusion news from the Fusion Industry Association. This episode is presented by Emre Yildirim, PhD student at the University of Manchester.

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Here are all the stories for you to check out:

1. Nuclear-Fusion Startup Lands $1.8 Billion as Investors Chase Star Power 

2. Bezos-Backed General Fusion Raises $130 Million for Reactor

3. Shaping up nicely: Adjusting the plasma edge can improve the performance of a star on earth 


1. Nuclear fusion and the race to save the planet with gas hotter than the sun 

2. Nuclear fusion: why the race to harness the power of the sun just sped up 

3. Fusion News Extra: in conversation with… Annie Kritcher 


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Fusion News videos and podcasts are provided fortnightly by the Fusion Industry Association to give people a quick way to get all the important recent news stories. They are all compiled and presented by young fusion researchers, aided by Melanie, founder of Fusion Energy Insights, so we are helping to develop their skills too. We hope you like them. 

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