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Fusion News: Nuclear Investment hits £2.5 billion, update on laser fusion and UKAEA and Commonwealth Fusion Systems sign agreement

Aug 01, 2022

In this week's episode of Fusion News, Cyd Cowley, PhD student at the University of York, gives updates on the latest in fusion from around the world.

Links to the articles mentioned are included below: 

1. The Telegraph - Nuclear fusion investment hits £2.5bn in race for breakthrough

2. Nature - Laser-fusion facility heads back to the drawing board

3. Gov.UK - UKAEA and Commonwealth Fusion Systems sign agreement to advance fusion energy

4. CNBC- Google and Chevron invest in nuclear fusion startup that’s raised $1.2 billion


Fully Charged: This is the Secret to LIMITLESS Clean Energy

Bloomberg: Why Private Billions Are Flowing into Fusion


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