Lithium: A Critical Fuel for the Fusion Revolution

Our November Q&A session, Nick Walkden talked to us about the vital role of Lithium in the development of fusion energy. Read the important takeaways. here.

Nov 16, 2023

ITER and building a fusion supply chain

ITER ("The Way" in Latin) is one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today. We invited Roberto Hinojosa to our September Q&A session to find out more...

Sep 22, 2023

NIF breakthrough and the commercialisation of inertial fusion

Our May Insights Q&A covered the NIF announcement of energy gain in December 2022. In this session we get 3 different perspectives of the breakthrough.

May 30, 2023

US government initiatives for fusion energy development

For our Insights Q&A in April we invited Ahmed Diallo and Sam Wurzel from ARPA-E to share their perspectives on US government initiatives for fusion energy development.

Apr 26, 2023

Fusion Industry Update

Our first Insights Q&A of 2023 took place on 8th February with Andrew Holland, CEO of the Fusion Industry Association.

Feb 20, 2023

Perspectives on investment for the energy transition and how to approach fusion

Amy Duffuor and Dr. Lauren Hartle joined us for December's Q&A Insights session.

Dec 12, 2022

Opportunities for SMEs in the growing fusion industry

On November 10th we welcomed Thomas P. Davis, President & Chief Technology Officer, Oxford Sigma on to discuss opportunities for SMEs in the growing fusion ecosystem.

Nov 15, 2022

Materials challenges for fusion energy & the fusion materials roadmap

On Wednesday 12th October we had an Insights Q&A session with Amanda Quadling, Director of Materials at UKAEA, talking about materials challenges for fusion energy.

Oct 17, 2022

Digital Engineering and advanced techniques to improve efficiencies for commercial fusion

Gary Reed, Energy Transition Business Manager at Assystem, together with Graham Openshaw, Head of digital at Assystem, discuss what role digital engineering will play in commercialising fusion.

Sep 15, 2022

Opportunities of Commercial Fusion

Our public Q&A Insights in July was with Simon Barber, UK managing director of Assystem on Opportunities of Commercial Fusion.

Aug 10, 2022

What does the Russian invasion of Ukraine mean for energy and climate change?

July's Q&A Insights session was with Dr Ajay Gambhir, a Senior Research Fellow at the Imperial College London Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment.

Jul 08, 2022

The Physics of Fusion, Tokamaks and Beyond: Implications for Commercialisation of Fusion

June's Q&I Insights was with Dr Alan Costly on The physics of fusion, tokamaks and beyond. Dr Costley has a PhD in plasma spectroscopy from Imperial College London.

Jun 13, 2022

Demonstrating new technologies and lessons from fission

Our May Insights Q&A event was with Dr Ashley Finan, the Director of the National Reactor Innovation Center and a Division Director at Idaho National Laboratory.

May 15, 2022

Safety and Risk Considerations for Fusion Power Plants

Governments now are increasingly thinking about how to regulate the new fusion industry. A good regulatory framework needs to be proportionate to the hazard.

Apr 18, 2022

The health risks of radiation and surrounding misconceptions

Our March Insights Q&A event was with Prof. Gerry Thomas, Chair in Molecular Pathology at Imperial College London and Director of the Chernobyl Tissue Bank.

Apr 03, 2022

Fusion Energy - Preparing for International Markets

Our February Q&A event was with Chris Ajemian, VP Business Development and Regulatory Affairs at CTFusion.

Mar 07, 2022

Fusion from a physics and economics perspective

3 insights from author Q&A with Arthur Turrell, discussing fusion energy from a physics and economics viewpoint.

Feb 07, 2022

Fusion innovation paradigm shift - ecosystem challenges to commercialisation

Until now, fusion has predominantly been focused on technological innovation and not on commercialisation....

Dec 13, 2021

Addressing the technical challenges beyond energy breakeven

There are various areas where we still need technology development or facilities to do research or testing because we just don’t have all the answers yet.

Nov 19, 2021

How is the energy landscape changing for utilities and how will fusion fit?

Renewables are changing energy systems and LCOE may not always be the most important metric for clean energy companies seeking to compete.

Oct 25, 2021

Reducing risk in complex projects

Why do mega-projects often fail, and what could fusion learn?

Sep 27, 2021