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About Us

What kind of world do you want?

Hello, I'm Melanie, Founder of Fusion Energy Insights.

I have a vision of the world with abundant clean energy. For everyone.

A decarbonised energy system - a mix of renewables, firm fusion and clean fuels.

I want to see fusion energy on the grid, generating hydrogen or powering industry within 20 years, preferably sooner.

With a PhD in plasma physics, a flair for communications and almost 20 years experience across public and private fusion, I can help take people from clueless about fusion to understanding the impact it could have on their lives and business.

That’s why I created a space where professionals who recognise the huge transformative potential of fusion can find out about fusion and commercialisation, stay informed and up-to-date, and meet others in the community who can help them achieve their goals.

We will be a community driving towards, and profiting from, fusion energy. And I want to extend this invitation to you.

I want you to be part of this.

Together we can build a new world.

WHAT is Fusion Energy Insights?

  • A team dedicated to getting you up to speed and keeping you up to date with developments and commercialisation considerations in the growing fusion industry.

HOW do we serve you?

  • Bespoke reports (Fusion Advisory Services)

  • Briefing sessions & "teach-ins"

  • Industry updates (sign up for our free newsletter)

  • Fusion Energy Insights Quarterly magazine [Members Only]

  • Expert insights via online Q&As (see Events) [Members Only]

  • Member networking [Members Only]

  • WHY do we do it?

  • We believe fusion energy will be transformational for our world. Together we can profit from the creation of a new and brighter future for everyone.

  • Contact Us

    Membership or general enquiries

    [email protected]

    Fusion Advisory Services

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